Der neue 100% analoge EBS 802 Bass Head – jetzt lieferbar


  • EBS 802 High Dynamics Linear Bass Amp
  • Solid State Verstärker
  • 100% analog
  • Made in Sweden
  • 750W RMS an 2 Ohm


LO and HI boost pre-shape filters. 
Compressor/Limiter control to balance the sound level when you play. 
A Bass control that works in conjunction with a switch that decides the reference point of the range. Choose between 60, 80, or 100 Hz, then use the control to cut or boost in the selected range. Two semi-parametric controls for Low- and High-mid to find all the sweet-spots in the midrange. Note the range of each filter  is extremely wide, so if you use the bass control as a low-cut filter at 60 or 80 Hz, you can use the Low-mid as a Bass control to boost frequencies from 95 Hz and up.
A Treble control that works in conjunction with a range switch (5.6 or 8kHz).
A Bright control adds a nice and discreet brilliance on top of everything. Drive control for more growl when desired.

U V P  :          2.973,81€